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Alongside Parking and Public Transit, Are e-Bikes the Transit Benefits Option that Employees Are Now Looking For?

As companies navigate the post-pandemic return to the office, employee well-being and sustainable commuting options are taking center stage. Traditional transit benefits like parking subsidies and public transportation passes are valuable, but a new contender is electrifying the scene: e-bikes. This innovative option is gaining traction with employees, and for good reason. Let's delve into why e-bikes should be considered alongside your established transit benefits.

Beyond the Usual Suspects: Exploring Transit Benefit Options

Traditionally, companies have offered a limited range of transit benefits, often including:

  • Parking subsidies: While convenient, these can incentivize car use, contributing to traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Public transportation passes: These are excellent for urban areas, but accessibility and coverage can vary.
  • Vanpool programs: Ideal for carpoolers, but not as applicable to shorter commutes and urban commutes.

The E-bike Revolution: Powering a New Commute

Post-pandemic, the demand for healthy, sustainable, and flexible commuting options has surged. E-bikes perfectly fill this gap and the data paints a clear picture. For example, The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) reports a 200% increase in e-bike ridership between 2019 and 2020 in major US cities. Also, as employee’s desires drive change, a recent survey by the National Safety Council revealed that 45% of employees would consider using an e-bike for commuting if offered by their employer.

More Than Just a Ride: The Benefits of E-bikes for Employees

E-bikes offer a unique blend of benefits that resonate with employees:

  • Healthier commutes: Studies show e-bikes increase physical activity compared to cars, while offering pedal-assist for those seeking a less strenuous ride.
  • Time-saving: E-bikes can often navigate traffic congestion faster than cars, potentially reducing commute times.
  • Reduced stress: Avoiding public transport crowds and parking hassles contributes to a more relaxed commute.
  • Environmental impact: Zero emissions make e-bikes a sustainable choice, aligning with growing environmental awareness.

Beyond the Commute: E-bikes for a Balanced Life

E-bikes offer advantages beyond the commute. In our modern scheduled and hybrid work environment, employees find themselves benefiting from e-bikes which are ideal for running errands, exploring the city, or weekend adventures. This improves their feelings of work-life balance helping them to enjoy the outdoors, promoting well-being and reducing stress, and potentially leading to increased productivity.

No new budgets: Integrating E-bikes into Your Existing Benefits Program 

Adding e-bikes to your existing offerings is easier than you might think and often requires no new budgets to be created.

For most companies, it is as simple as allowing e-bikes as an option presented to employees as they make their choice of how to utilize their transit benefits dollars - do they want vanpool option, a parking subsidy, or now a month-to-month subscription for the e-bike of their choice? Ultimately, the employee will select what suits their particular needs and more of them than ever are choosing e-bikes.

Even if you have third party benefits systems in place (Edenred, or others), solutions like Ridepanda are already integrated with those third party providers. 

This is where Ridepanda can help. But what is Ridepanda?

  • With Ridepanda employees choose from a wide selection of e-bikes, cargo e-bikes and e-scooters all via month to month subscription. 
  • Ridepanda offers the best quality e-bikes and scooters from Specialized, Giant, Brompton, Diamondback, Dahon, Segway, Okai and Momentum
  • The vehicle is the employee’s to take home and use for commutes, errands, meeting up with friends, or anything. 
  • The employee applies their monthly transit dollar amount to their subscription. And, Ridepanda integrates with your company’s benefits provider 
  • Ridepanda provides free delivery or pick up, free insurance, maintenance at our Panda Hubs, and a helmet and lock at no extra charge.

Ridepanda is a plug and play solution

  • A Ridepanda program can be up and running in a matter of weeks with a custom employee portal where employees can view and select vehicles for their subscription
  • Your company gets immediate access to a robust reporting dashboard once your program is launched
  • All employee support issues are handled by Ridepanda’s support team
  • There is no upfront cost or per employee charge to implement a Ridepanda program

Pedal Towards a Brighter Future

Including e-bikes in your transit benefits package is a win-win for employees, the environment, and your company's image. By offering this innovative option, you can attract and retain talent, promote sustainability, and contribute to a healthier and happier workforce. So, ditch the traditional and embrace the electric: the future of commuting is here, and it's powered by pedals!