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Our mission is to help create a world with happier, more efficient towns and cities that run on small, quiet, eco-friendly electric vehicles.

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Chinmay Malaviya
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Charlie Depman
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Brian Lee
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Cassidy Grace
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Christian Parra Campos
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Daniel Rekkers
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Michael Lynch
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Head of Operations
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Ridepanda’s shift from D2C micromobility platform to corporate e-bike supplier

Ridepanda launched in 2020 as a direct-to-consumer micromobility platform, a marketplace for high-quality e-scooters and e-bikes. The founders, alumni at shared micromobility companies Lime, Bird and Scoot, sensed the shift away from shared and toward small electric vehicle ownership and wanted to capitalize on it.


The Best Electric Scooters to Buy

Here are some scooter options to get scooting on your own terms. If you’re unsure where to even start, e-scooter shopping site Ridepanda lets you plug in planned uses (for commutes, long flat rides, family trips) and important features like range or speed, and spits out many possible matches across a wide range of quality levels and prices.

The Verge

The E-Bike Revolution Comes to the Bronx

Representatives from companies like VanMoof, Rad Power Bikes, Zoomo, The Hub NYC, Ride Panda, and others were mingling about a half dozen local residents — drivers, janitors, landscapers, and home health aides — initiating them in the burgeoning electric bike revolution.

Cheddar News

CEO ‘Ridepanda’ Talks Future of Electric Mobility Market

Chinmay Malaviya, co-founder and CEO of Ridepanda joined Cheddar News to discuss micromobility and the future of the e-scooter market.


Just like EVs, electric bicycles could come with tax credits to lower prices

E-bike shopping website Ridepanda connects riders to e-bikes that cost up to $6,000. The company, which says that their average e-bike is about $1,100, offers 27 e-bikes priced at under $2,000. (That’s down from 34 when including higher-end options.)


The Station: Bird has drama in San Francisco, drone delivery startup Zipline raises $250M

Electric micromobility dealership Ridepanda is making it easier for the average consumer to purchase a sick light duty electric vehicle like a scooter, bike or moped.


E-mobility startup Ridepanda extends its Seed funding by US$ 3.75M

Ridepanda, a US-based e-ride startup that offers electric vehicles with maintenance support and theft protection, raised US$ 3.75 million in a Seed round led by Porsche Ventures on 30 June 2021.


Porsche y Yamaha invierten millones en las bicicletas eléctricas de RidePanda

RidePanda es un gigante de las ventas online exclusivamente de bicicletas eléctricas, patinetes eléctricos o scooters, y también de pequeñas motocicletas propulsadas por motor eléctrico.

Business Wire

E-Mobility Startup Ridepanda Extends its Funding by $3.75M to Create Happier and Healthier Cities

Ridepanda offers a handpicked selection of e-bikes, e-mopeds and e-scooters, along with essential add-ons including financing, maintenance, warranties and personalized customer services.


Ridepanda Raises $3.75M in Funding

Ridepanda, a New York City and San Francisco CA-based e-mobility startup, raised $3.75m in funding. The round was led by Porsche Ventures with participation from Yamaha Motor Ventures, Proeza Ventures, and General Catalyst.

Porsche Ventures

Porsche Ventures announces investment into electric micro-mobility startup Ridepanda

The San Francisco-based online marketplace for electric micro-mobility is the latest investment by the sports car manufacturer’s venture capital arm.

Bicycle Retailer

Ridepanda receives $3.75 million in financing from four investors

New investors are Porsche Ventures, Yamaha Motor Ventures, Proeza Ventures, Moving Capital, Alumni Ventures Group, Lorimer Ventures, and Oyster Ventures. Existing investor General Catalyst also contributed.


Porsche, Yamaha Motor Ventures invest $3.75M in e-micromobility dealership Ridepanda

Online electric micromobility dealership Ridepanda has announced a raise of $3.75 million that the startup will use to build out its engineering, product and design teams to boost its e-commerce and B2B solutions. The company also wants to double down on strategic partnerships with delivery fleets and businesses offering employees commuter benefits if they purchase an electric vehicle.

Fox 31

New E-Ride startup that’s creating healthier and greener communities

Ridepanda is the world’s first online dealership for micro-mobility. The new E-Ride start-up help consumers discover and purchase the best e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds to suit their needs, with all of the support for peace of mind of ownership.

Smartcities Dive

CES showcases 6 trends to shape smart cities in 2021

A pair of micromobility vets recently launched Ridepanda, an online marketplace for e-bikes and other forms of personal, electric mobility.

Smartcities Dive

7 mobility startups to watch in 2021

Ridepanda, founded by former Lime employee Chinmay Malaviya and former Scoot and Bird employee Charlie Depman, is designed to support the mobility industry’s push toward electrification.


Lime and Scoot veterans have built Ridepanda, a one-stop micromobility marketplace

Customers can find a curated set of expert-vetted e-rides and a customization feature that helps shoppers home in on the right product.

The Verge

Ridepanda wants to be your ‘one-stop shop’ for electric bikes and scooters

Each e-bike, e-scooter, and e-moped is hand-picked, tested, and rated based on its components.

Smartcities Dive

Ridepanda fills void for a one-stop e-vehicle marketplace

The e-commerce business offers a hand-picked selection of e-bikes, e-mopeds, and e-scooters. It offers financing, extended warranties, and customer services, including assembly at home or at a nearby shop.

Clean Technica

Ridepanda Makes Finding An Electric Rideable Easy

Ridepanda is live today with an impressive array of vehicles, services and accessories to gently usher customers into a new world of personal electric mobility.

Fast Company

Ridepanda wants to help you pick the exact right e-bike

Ridepanda is addressing the decision fatigue that comes when you search for an electric bike on a platform like Amazon, where you get more than 100,000 results.


Ridepanda is the online store for e-bike enthusiasts done with sharing

Not any scooter or bike can make it onto the new rides site. Every product is reviewed and vetted based on reparability, safety, performance, sustainability, and durability.

Smartcities Dive

Micromobility vets launch Ridepanda e-ride marketplace

Ridepanda evaluates all vehicles that appear on the site to vet them across key criteria, and to collect vehicle data that can inform the sites recommendation engine, Ridefinder.