New Partnership with Edenred

Ridepanda, the leading electric micro-mobility provider, is partnering with Edenred, in a move to increase the latter’s commuting options to staff throughout the nation.

Today, almost every company is resorting to getting rid of high carbon-emission activities and replacing them with more sustainable options. Ridepanda and Edenred have partnered to help more companies be a part of this revolution.

As an “Intuit Climate Action Marketplace” founding partner, Edenred plays a vital role in supplying small businesses with sustainable solutions that aid smarter commuting choices and C02 savings while ensuring a positive environmental impact.

According to Edenred USA, the company is excited to partner with Ridepanda to diversify its micro-mobility options. Edenred expects to satisfy client needs through Ridepanda’s vetted commuting and full-service solutions.

Getting to Know Ridepanda: The ‘One-Stop Shop’ For Electric Bikes and E-scooters

Ridepanda is the “one-stop-shop” where people can select high-quality products from a wide range of light electric vehicles, accessories, and services. Ridepanda is built around high-quality vehicles and has staffed an expert team to provide full-service to make sure every rider is fully covered while they are lease or own an electric bike or electric scooter.

Each e-bike and e-scooter is hand-selected, verified, and graded based on performance, safety, sustainability, durability, and reparability. Additional offerings include maintenance, assembly, customer service, theft insurance, roadside assistance, and lease or purchase financing.

In addition to helping consumers find the products that suit their needs, Ridepanda also make ownership easier than rideshare or rental companies by offering flexible payment options from purchase to lease to lease-to-own and all the maintenance needed for full peace of mind.

Companies will see the following value from working with Ridepanda.

One-stop shop for e-bike and e-scooter employee benefit programs

Ridepanda has a very easy plug-in solution that adds micro-mobility as a benefit to employee benefit programs. This program caters to individual needs such as vehicle options in various styles (light-weight, foldable, cargo, fat-tire, moped-style) to meet the needs across various cities (eg. we offer vehicles to tackle hills in San Francisco and a different selection for space constraint NYC).

Meet CO2 Reduction Goals

Transportation is the #1 cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. This e-bike and e-scooter program will help companies meet their environmental, social and governments (ESG) goals by shifting the car trips by their employees to these environmentally friendly vehicles.

Employee health & wellness

E-bikes in particular are proven to have health benefits, and are a great de-stressor. E-bike consumers also tend to ride longer and more frequently than traditional bike riders.

Talent acquisition and retention

We offer a product that is highly desired by employees (e-bikes and e-scooters are seeing a big boom) and thus regardless of your remote work policy, be it for commute, running errands or just recreation, employees are highly valuing such a benefit.

About Edenred

The leading digital platform for payments and services is an everyday companion for the U.S. employee. Edenred connects more than two million partner merchants spread in 46 nations and 50 million users via over 850,000 corporate clients.

You’ll find precise-purpose payment solutions for mobility (including maintenance, multi-energy, parking, toll, and commuter solutions), food (like meal benefits), corporate payments (like virtual cards), and incentives (such as employee engagement platforms and gift cards) on this platform.

True to its purpose of enriching connections for good, the group offers vast solutions meant to enhance each user’s purchasing power and well-being. The solutions enhance brands’ efficiency and attractiveness and vitalize the local economy and talent market. They also enable access to softer mobility, healthier diets, and environmentally friendly products.

The company is home to over 10,000 workers; all committed to turning the world of employment into a more efficient, safer, more responsible, and connected ecosystem every day. Its global technology assets enabled the Group to achieve a substantial business volume of over $30 billion in 2020, primarily achieved through the online platform, cards, and mobile applications.

Edenred is famous for its Commuter Benefits and the company’s recently launched flagship solutions AnytimePay and Ticket Restaurant.

A Look into Edenred’s Micro-Mobility Program

The program is designed to address today’s commuting hurdles with a single mobility account addressing all your commuter needs. It helps adjust to ever-changing needs by including new e-bike and e-scooter options into a single commuter account.

This e-bike and e-scooter solution gives you one platform to setup that grants you access into the entire e-bike and e-scooter industry. So instead of having your HR team become experts on which vehicles to offer, how to service them and deal with being pitched by dozens of new entities, just work with Ridepanda though Edenred to handle it all.

Edenred will identify eligible pre-tax expenses to allow companies and staff to receive tax incentives while complying with IRS regulations.

A Partnership for Mobility Solutions to Today’s Commuter

The phrase “first and last mile” refers to the distance between the transit stop and the final destination. Most public transit spots are far from workers’ homes or offices, and most employees aren’t comfortable walking beyond a quarter a mile.

According to transit experts, micro-mobility is the perfect solution to bridge this gap. These advanced mobility options make it easier for workers to access transit stations, allowing them to reach their final destination flexibly, safely, and faster.  

The partnership between Edenred and Ridepanda will undoubtedly add more options to address workers’ commute challenges through a wider variety of environmentally-friendly transit options.

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