Fast Company Recognizes Ridepanda’s Mission in a Big Way

This morning the Ridepanda team woke up to some great news.

“Ridepanda is honored to be recognized on the prestigious Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas list! Our mission is global, and climate emissions are our target. And we believe we can be world changing. #FCWorldChangingIdeas #ebikes #GlobalClimateEmissions”

It is an amazing honor to be recognized in this way. When you are building something that you believe has the potential to change the world for everyone, it’s fantastic when someone like Fast Company, who has looked at a lot of great ideas, thinks that you deserve recognition.

And, our belief runs deep. 

When we started Ridepanda, we saw the potential of e-bikes and other forms of micro mobility. The evidence was clear in the shared mobility model that people living in urban areas saw huge value in e-bikes, scooters, electric mopeds and even electric micro cars. More than an occasional joy ride, for some it was as a way to get around quickly, with less impact on the environment, while having way more fun. And they wanted to do that everyday.

Many of us at Ridepanda, including co-founders Charlie and Chinmay, worked in shared mobility and were privy to the challenges of the shared model. The hope for many of us in shared mobility was that people would ride micro mobility every day - that was also the challenge. For consistency and long term behavior change to manifest, people needed reliability and an assurance that they could ride everyday that is also affordable, and empowers them with the right vehicle for their need. Finding a model that created consistency and developed long term behavior change was our goal, and was the genesis of Ridepanda.

Charlie and Chinmay envisioned a model that would give an individual the consistency, reliability and support to affect behavior change in the ways they moved about in urban settings. The Ridepanda model gives individuals a vehicle that feels like their own, without the significant upfront costs and ongoing need for service. 

Ridepanda is also along for the journey, supporting brand new riders and seasoned cyclists alike. Information, encouragement and a sense of community make a difference. It's the difference between a ride that is fun, fast and sustainable every once in a while, and a ride that is fun, fast and sustainable everyday.

And the results in are clear:

Before joining Ridepanda, 74% commute 1-2 times per month on an ebike. 
After joining Ridepanda, 84% ride 3-4 times per week
Over 34% of Ridepanda riders replace an average of 2 car trips per day

The Ridepanda model envisioned by Charlie and Chinmay recognized the role of companies in the support of the rider’s journey.  And for companies, Ridepanda has an important role to play, helping them to build a micro mobility program that supports their climate, transit and wellness objectives. 

Our partners have quickly discovered that Ridepanda reduces your company’s Scope 3 climate emissions, alleviates commute stress and improves employees wellness, helps create an effective return to the office, and reduces commutes via single occupancy car trips. Part of what we are able to do for our partners is to understand the wants and needs of their employees. And then craft an effective program to support their success.

Here is some of what we have learned:

34% of riders joined Ridepanda because they specifically wanted to replace commuting by car
Over 46% of riders were seeking a healthier commute alternative
41% describe themselves as novice riders and new to ebike commuting

While the ROI can be specifically measured in things like CO2 emissions reductions and reductions in single occupancy car trips, much of the return these employers receive is priceless. For example, the impact on overall employee happiness.

Here is some of what we are hearing from happy Ridepanda riders:

72% of riders feel their company invests in supporting healthy commute options
Over 46% report feeling more connected to, and appreciated by, their company

So while today we woke up to some specific recognition from Fast Company, everyday we get to wake up to the same recognition from our riders who recognize how Ridepanda has changed their world. We are humbled and proud and working harder every day to expand on our mission. 

Thanks to our riders.

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