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Basic Maintenance Tips

To help make sure you get the most out of your new ride, here’s a simple list of tips for maintaining an electric bike, electric scooter, or pedal bike.

Battery basics

  • Charge the battery before it drops down to 20% or lower.
  • Charge the battery at room temperature, in a dry location, where a smoke detector is present.
  • Unplug the battery from the charger when it reaches 100%.
  • Do not leave the battery on the charger for prolonged periods of time.
  • Only charge the battery with the charger provided by Ridepanda.
  • Store the vehicle and battery in a dry location, at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.
  • Never open or modify the battery pack in any way.
  • Do not leave a charging battery unattended and do not charge overnight.
  • To clean the battery, use a damp cloth to wipe down the battery. Do not clean with direct water contact.
  • If a battery pack starts smoking, emitting unusual noise, or showing signs of melted plastic: If available, and possible to do safely, place the failing pack in a fire resistance enclosure. If not available, and it’s safe to do so, move the battery outside, and away from any flammable materials. Then immediately call 911 to reach the fire department.

Tire pressure

Check the Tire Pressure Every 2 Weeks and use the pump every 2 to 4 weeks (more frequently with thinner tires) to keep tire pressure PSI within the range written on the tire, to reduce the chance of getting a flat while riding!

Get help with PandaCare

Free tune-ups

We recommend a tune-up every 500 miles. To schedule a free tune-up, send a message to to set up your appointment at your local PandaHub.

Our team will inspect your vehicle and tune it up to make sure it rides like new. They’ll inspect things like the rear derailleur shifting, brake cable tension, brake cable pads, tires, inspect and lubricate the chain. In addition, they will give the vehicle a complete look over to check for any bolts that might need tightening, any odd wear in tires, and more.

Virtual appointments

Schedule a virtual appointment with us if the vehicle stops functioning correctly or if it starts to make any atypical noises. If you are expecting anything out of the ordinary with your vehicle, please set up a PandaCare Remote Diagnostics & Troubleshooting appointment with our team:


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