Adding Specialized Ebikes to Ridepanda’s Already Awesome Lineup

At Ridepanda, we are committed to offering the finest quality ebike and scooter options, now including Specialized ebikes.

Ridepanda is very excited to add one of the world’s most respected brands to our ever growing fleet of ebike and scooter options on our platform. With ebikes, quality matters. And Ridepanda is committed to ensuring we offer our customers ebikes that are high quality, comfortable, safe and fun to ride.

So what’s new in the lineup?

In our Panda hubs in San Francisco, New York and coming soon in Seattle, we now offer these brand new Specialized ebikes:

Specialized Globe Haul ST - The highest rated cargo bike on the market. This versatile commuter is a total car replacement. Carry all your groceries and the kids!

Globe Haul ST

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 - Smooth, fast, and comfortable. The suspension front fork soaks up the potholes and curbs, and opens new roads on the way home!

Turbo Vado 3.0

Specialized Turbo Como IGH 3.0 - A comfortable cruiser with the speed of a race horse. Cruise to work or home on a lazy boy with wheels!

Turbo Como 3.0

Which new ebike or scooter is right for you?

Ridepanda offers the best quality, fully vetted options to our customers, from the new Specialized options to existing quality brands in our fleet like Giant, Diamondback, Dahon, Segway, and Okai. We are not sure which one you’ll pick, but the best thing about Ridepanda is you can try before you buy. 

Just schedule a test ride at one of our Panda hubs in your city. One of our Panda team members will be able to help you by sharing their knowledge and experience, and will make sure you’re fitted perfectly to your new ride.

Commitment to quality and safety

For all of its vehicle offerings, the Ridepanda employs a rigorous series of safety testing and charging management protocols, and only partners with select high quality manufacturers. That job was made easy with Specialized, as they are one of the highest quality bicycle manufacturers on the planet. So you can be sure that you are set up for safety and fun.

So how does it all work?

Start by going to the employee portal for your company.

01 - Select your vehicle or take a test ride

Browse and select a vehicle online or schedule a test ride at our PandaHub where our experts will help you pick a ride that's right for you!

02 Schedule a pick up

We offer 24-hour pickup on vehicles in stock at our PandaHub. Vehicles on backorder arrive in a number of weeks depending on supply. And now, we offer convenient delivery to your office at some sites - just check with your local hub.

03 - Enjoy your ride with ease

Your subscription includes theft insurance and regular maintenance, so you can be sure your ride is always in a good condition.

More options, more fun!

Hopefully you’re as fired up as we are about this incredible new addition to your Ridepanda options. Now might be the time to take a test ride and experience an ebike or scooter that is perfect for you. Our goal is to provide our customers with options that spark joy, create healthy and active lifestyles, and make commuting, or whatever you’re doing on an ebike or scooter, way more fun.

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