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The Best Delivery Vehicles
We selected the most durable, long-range vehicles to make your deliveries fast and easy!
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Segway Ninebot MAX
"Every minute spent sitting in a car in traffic is a minute that could be spent completing another delivery."
Why Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicles?
Food Delivery + E-bikes:
A Tasty Combo
FastCompany​ has done studies on the efficiency of E-bikes and found that “couriers on e-bikes have been able to make as much as 30% more an hour than someone in a car.”
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Choosing an E-Bike for Delivery
E-bikes are a great way to improve your delivery process, but which one is right for you? What are the tradeoffs between power and range?
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Why Buy from Ridepanda?
High Quality Only
Lost in the technical details?
Each listed vehicle is carefully selected by our panel of unbiased vehicle experts from the micromobility industry.
Find Your Match
Too many choices?
Chat with our experts or use our proprietary data powered Ridefinder to get matched with the best vehicle to suit your needs.
Flexible Financing
Concerned about paying upfront?
Ride now and pay later by using one of our many installment payment plans from our trusted financing partners. Or use cryptocurrency!
Peace of Mind
Worried about maintenance and more?
Our expert mechanics are trained in the latest best practices for repairing and maintaining modern e-bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds. This full-service maintenance and support plan is available for purchase and is called Pandacare.
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