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VehicleVehicle Type
Delivery Time
Inokim Light 2e-scooter5 days
INOKIM OXe-scooter5 days
Ariel Rider X-Classe-bike7 days
Ariel X Class 52Ve-bike7 days
Dirwin Seekere-bike7 days
Fuell Flluid E-Bikee-bike7 days
Gotrax XR Ultra Foldinge-scooter7 days
Kimi 3 Wheeled Scootere-scooter7 days
Magnum Cosmopolitan Gen IIe-bike7 days
Mankeel MK012e-bike7 days
Monday Motorbikes Presidio 500We-bike7 days
Ride1UP Roadster v2e-bike7 days
Ride1UP 700 Seriese-bike7 days
Ride1UP LMT’d Seriese-bike7 days
ZuGo Rhino Step-Thrue-bike7 days
Blix Vika+ Flexe-bike10 days
Charge City Low Stepe-bike10 days
Charge Citye-bike10 days
Cycleboard Elite Proe-scooter10 days
Cycleboard Golfe-scooter10 days
Cycleboard Rovere-scooter10 days
Detroit Bikes E-Sparrowe-bike10 days
Dualtron Mini Electric Scootere-scooter10 days
Kickbike eCruise Electrice-scooter10 days
Levy Originale-scooter10 days
Levy Pluse-scooter10 days
Magnum Pathfinder 500We-bike10 days
Mate Xe-bike10 days
Neza F1 Seriese-bike10 days
Neza HTRe-bike10 days
Neza Microe-bike10 days
OHM Discovere-bike10 days
Ride1UP 500 Seriese-bike10 days
Ride1UP Core-5e-bike10 days
Ridel Orae-bike10 days
Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15e-scooter10 days
Segway Ninebot KickScooter E45e-scooter10 days
Segway Ninebot MAXe-scooter10 days
Segway Ninebot ES2 with SEATe-scooter10 days
Segway Ninebot ES2e-scooter10 days
Segway Ninebot MAX G30LPe-scooter10 days
Voro EMOVE Cruisere-scooter10 days
Espin 21 Sporte-bike12 days
Espin Aeroe-bike12 days
Espin Nestae-bike12 days
QuietKat Apex 750 Watt E-Bikee-bike14 days
Aventon Pace 500 Step-Throughe-bike14 days
Aventon Sinche-bike14 days
Espin Neroe-bike14 days
QuietKat Jeep Electric Mountain Bike (750 Watt)e-bike14 days
N+ Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team City Racer eBikee-bike14 days
N+ Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team Silver Arrows eBikee-bike14 days
QuietKat Ranger 5.0 E-Bikee-bike14 days
QuietKat Ripper E-Bikee-bike14 days
Segway Dirt E-Bike X160e-moped14 days
Segway X260 Electric Dirt Bikee-moped14 days
Super73 Z1e-bike14 days
Uscooter GTe-scooter14 days
QuietKat Villager Urban E-Bikee-bike14 days
QuietKat Voyager E-Bikee-bike14 days
QuietKat Warrior 750 Watt E-Bikee-bike14 days
Wing Bikes Freedom 2e-bike14 days
Zetazs Castle 3 Wheel Electric Scootere-scooter20 days
Magnum Pathfinder 350We-bike20 days
Zetazs Ranger Pro Electric Scootere-scooter20 days
Blix Avenye-bike21 days
Blix Packa Geniee-bike21 days
Bunch The Coupe Family Trikee-bike21 days
Bunch K9 Dog Friendly 3 Wheel Trikee-bike21 days
Bunch Original Electric Cargo Bikee-bike21 days
Bunch Preschool Electric Trikee-bike21 days
Espin 21 Flowe-bike28 days
Batch The E-Bikee-bike30 days
Carbo Model Ce-bike30 days
Onyx RCR - 72Ve-moped30 days
Torrot Muvie-moped30 days
UBCO 2x2 ADVe-moped30 days
n+ Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Teame-bike30 days
Super 73 S1e-bike35 days
Niu M-Seriese-moped45 days
Mercane WideWheel Proe-scooter45 days
Lectric XP 2.0e-bike50 days
Delfast Top 3.0e-bike60 days
Sondors Xe-bike60 days
Bike Friday Ever-E-Day Super Cargoe-bike75 days
QuietKat RidgeRunner Off Road Only Electric Mountain Bikee-bike90 days
Monday Anzae-bikeTBD
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